How can I dispose lamps and LEDs?2023-01-20T09:51:54+01:00

To support our planet, electrical and electronic items should not be disposed in regular trash, but should be recycled. Please consult the recycling office in your region.

Where are your products coming from?2023-01-20T09:48:32+01:00

Our products are mainly manufactured in Thailand, China and Taiwan.

Can I get samples?2023-01-20T09:47:51+01:00

Yes, we sell samples.

Can I pay with credit card or Paypal?2023-01-20T09:46:53+01:00

Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards or paypal. But you can pay via bank transfer / wire transfer.
The bank details are stated on the bottom of the order confirmation.

I cannot find the product I am looking for on your website. What should I do?2023-01-20T09:46:03+01:00

Not all the products we offer are listed on our website, as some are customised items. Please send an email with your request.

Following information will help us process your inquiry:
– picture or drawing, with the measurements and tolerances
– where the product is going to be used
– quantity for onetime purchase or longterm

We will let you know if your item is in our assortment, or if we can produce it.

Do you ship to countries outside of Europe?2023-01-20T09:41:47+01:00

Yes, we do. We ship worldwide.

How long is the delivery time?2023-01-20T09:41:24+01:00

If we have the item in stock, the dispatch time is usually 1 to 2 workdays after receiving your payment. Otherwise 6 to 8 weeks after your order / payment.
UPS ships to most of the countries within 3 working days. Countries outside Germany will also depend on the customs clearance speed of each country.

From where do you ship?2023-01-20T09:38:43+01:00

We ship from Germany.

Is shipping cost included in the price?2023-01-20T09:38:21+01:00

It is not. The shipping cost varies by product quantity, size and country of destination.

Is there a minimum order quantity?2023-01-20T09:37:37+01:00

Yes, minimum order quantity (MOQ) starts from 100 pcs per item / specification. 100 pcs is also the smallest package unit. Depending on product the MOQ can also be like 5.000 pcs.

How do I know the price of the items?2023-01-20T09:36:16+01:00

Our Business is focused on customised products, so the price varies by build and quantity you would like to order. Please send us a request of the item and we will send you a quote.

How do I order?2023-01-20T09:30:50+01:00

You can order via phone call ( +49 8026 949099) or via email (info (at)khelamps.de).

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