E10 LEDs


E10 LEDs We have created E10 G11 Filament like Lamps with LEDs. They contain a 4-5mm round or concave LEDs. This can be used as substitution for the normal E10 G11 filament [...]

Ba5s LEDs


Ba5s LED comes with a 3mm milky LED. This Ba5s Socket LED has no glas housing. Colour (output) Volt (V) EPREL warm-white 3-4.5 warm-white 16-22 A - 1608652 white 16-22 [...]



MS4 LED has a bullet shape 4mm LED. It is commonly used to replace T4.2mm MS4 Filament Lamps with a voltage of 3-22V. This LED can be used for AC and DC and has no glas. Co [...]

E5.5 LEDs


E5.5 LEDs are one of the most popular lamp base LEDs. They can be used in AC and DC environment with voltage from 3-22V LED Diameter (mm) colour (output) Voltage (V) EPREL [...]

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