Wired Lamps

We offer different colored wire attachement for the WT Lamps.
The diameter of the insulated wires are usually 0.6mm. And are pushed over the WT legs. But a glue for insulating purposes can also be applied.
However if you like to have other wires attached to your product, like double wire or 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm insulated wires, please feel free to contact us.
Most common color for the wires we use is black. Other colours like brown, yellow, orange, white we also can offfer.
Minimum Order Quantity for non 0.6mm and non black wires are starting from 3000 pcs Lamps (6000 wires).

wire length (mm) colour
100 black
100 white
150 black
200 black
350 black
350 white
800 black
800 double brown
800 double white
1000 black
1000 brown
1000 yellow
1000 orange